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Trade managements
Don't be in hurry..

Pls don't reenter any trade after one successful exit ,unless you have master the system well to reenter but let it not to be more than twice per signal..one you are running on default timeframe 5mins 

Lot Size management

Pls know that MobileTradeAlert works on time frame especially,target of exit..,we advise you to set accordingly especially if you are trading on default 5mins timeframe, know its very fast and need no distraction..

Signal time arrival..

Comprehensively we want to equip you to trade well..Now how do you manage signal especially when they came in late off the time the actual signal was given or sent ,atimes it can be  server delay or you just login and saw past signal popping up on your mobile..We advise you before open any position when you get signal,make sure the signal time corresponds with your mobile time by hour and second before thinking to buy or sell..
Dont trade past generated signal, always check time the signal arrives..

Over trading

We advise you don't over trade,you can have a daily target unless you already has your trading plan..
Numbers of positions to open in b/wOpenprice and buylimitedlevel or selllimitedlevel, we advise only 2 positions, you can open more if you know exactly what you are doing ,but its not likely good..
You can choose the timeframe you want to be getting the signal base on often or rare you want to trade ,default
is 5mins 

diagram Example of past signal and how it looks

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