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Trade managements continuation
Choosing good Spread broker..

You must note that brokers spread are often ignore ,but normally it connects your success as a trader...Make sure you check your brokers spread before open position, your brokers spread must not be more than (2 on 4digit brokers and 20 for 5digit broker both are still 2pips spread...also you check it easily on your mt4 quote side before open positions..

How many pair can I trade

we advise you not to follow more than 1 pairs trade or signal.., you will be confuse or fail..follow 1 pair signal and see it to the end or exit or closure before taking another pair trade ,don't open more than 1 pair signal, or just install the signal EA on just 1 pair to follow it up nicely..Like..
If you get signal on gbpusd,usdchf,usdcad,etc, pls I advise you..choose one pair signal and follow it up before opening or following another one..
Don't get  signal on gbpusd and trade and get another one on usdcad and trade without first completing the first pair order you opened...keep note.

How to use on crpto
There are mt4 brokers that has crypto symbols on their market watch, just attach the mobiletradealert on it,once you get signal open it on any crpto brokers ,like binance etc..

Where can I use MobileTradeAlert software

Its mt4 application .ex4
It can be use to predict price buying points on forex or crypto once the coin is listed on mt4 market watch..
With #MobileTradeAlert losing in forex will be a thing of the past for manual traders..No more analysis paralysis.We give you  simple strategy to make money in forex by simple notification and application..
You can also use it on spot crypto trading,in margin trading of any kind..