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School Of PipsAcacdemy
Introduction to MobileTradeAlert
MobileTradeAlert is an EA that is design for manual trading, it sends trading signal
directly to your mobile to
buy or sell , all you have to do is just place
buy or sell, while the EA comes back and close the position for you..


As a manual forex trader,who like to decide his or her entry points,you can
do it better, no need to be on your laptop analysing the market,every thing will be
calculated for you automatically...
You can be on your bed resting and and be making thousands of dollars... No
joke !!!.

- No laptop needed 
- No coding  x
- No technical analysis 
- No fundamental analysis 
- No stress  x
- No paying thousands of dollars and spending years of learning, and still

benefit you get as student of PipsAcacdemy is...
you get our free training/guide to get started..

Your job is to open buy or sell when you get trade alert or notification from the EA , while the Robot xstill comes back and close it for you on your set targets...No stress
Note only your mobile phone required..

Trade on the go..!!!