How to install

how to install on mt4 chart

put GraphseriesEA on "expert folder"
put frontrunnerquick.dll on "liberaries folder"

go to you mt4 chart and enable this settings

Forex Automated Robot

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User Functions Of HorsePowerEA Parameters

important parameters of the EA

"------------------Money management--------------";
LossAdjuster=true    - this parameter is first security Level on the EA must be true before using the EA.
Adjuster=10              - this is its default value 10 from open order,but its closes the first position previously opened.
UseLossAmount=true  - this is the second security of the EA that closes all positions,if the market keep going against you.
LossAmount=1000        - this is the actual value
"---------------Order Closing management--------------";

UsethresholdGlobal = true - this dollar closing value of the EA
threshold= 5                       - this where the dollar value is set

"-----------Spread/Slippage management-----------";
maxspread=20   - maximum spread on the EA,note if your brokers spread is high,you can adjust it here,is a spread protection
Slippage=333;    - this slippage on the EA,
"--------------Lot behaviour management--------------";

StartLot=0.1    - this is where you adjust your lotsize base on the capital you are trading with

Pairs you can trade.

the EA can trade all pairs,difference will be some pair can make more profit than others

we prefer to trade only on EURJPY.

TimeFrame to trade on:

it auto adjust to any timeFrame but we leave it on 1hr
just use any broker with very low spread

parameter description that is very important,that you must adjust together base on the deposited capital





starting from 100$

UseLossAmount -true
LossAmount = 100
threshold = 0.5;
StartLot  = 0.01;

starting from 200$

UseLossAmount -true
LossAmount = 200
threshold = 1;
StartLot  = 0.02;

starting from 400$

UseLossAmount -true
LossAmount = 400
threshold = 2;
StartLot  = 0.04;

starting from 1000$

UseLossAmount - true
LossAmount = 1000
threshold = 5;
StartLot  = 0.1;  etc

pls note you can increase or reduce any of this parameters after backtesting it or you may use our default settings above.