How to install

how to install on mt4 chart

put HorsePowerEA.ex4 on "expert folder"
put frontrunnerquick.dll on "liberaries folder"

go to you mt4 chart and enable this settings

User Functions Of HorsePowerEA Parameters


TimeFrame to trade on:


it auto adjust to any timeFrame but we leave it on 1hr



just use any broker with very low spread less than 2pips spread ("20" on 5digit brokers)



Recommended balance 


minimum deposit is $200,


but recommended balance is $500 and above



we advise you to enable "MydayexitLoss=true" if you are trading below recommended balance


Note: you can use it even on recommended balance cause it helps especially on second strategy that


"profitdouble" is "true", but on first strategy you can use "UseDDPercentClose=true" to protect your


account, Note you also use it on on both strategies base on what you want..,


can be set to any percentage amount,but default is 40%




parameter you must adjust together base on the deposited capital.





















pls note you can increase or reduce any of this parameters base on deposited capital after testing or you may use default settings above

HorsePowerEA has upto 4 selectable strategy which  you can choose from..



Reccommended broker


one thing you must not ignore in your jorney as a trader is forex broker, depending on the


system you are using, make sure you choose you broker right, HorsePowerEA is


a multiple selectable system, and its good to have all this requirements in one brokage


Note the EA, works in all brokers but should incase you want to sign up with our


recommendations,we have one for you.


check on this brokers first broker ,second broker ,third broker



Pairs you can trade on HorsePowerEA


note it tested on eurjpy and gbpusd,usdcad etc ,but can be run on almost all pairs but trade


base on deposited capital or best run only on one pair like we do


we prefer trading on GBPUSD

second strategy

Set up on your chart

First strategy
Second Strategy

starting from 200$
threshold = 0.5;
StartLot  = 0.01;

Recommended balance 
starting from 500$
threshold = 0.5;
StartLot  = 0.01;  etc
First Strategy

starting from 200$
threshold = 0.5;
StartLot  = 0.02;

Recommended balance 
starting from 500$
threshold = 0.5;
StartLot  = 0.02;  etc

Use Video Installation Guide

3 Important Settings On HorsePowerEA

HorsePowerEA video Guide

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