Knowing the functions of the HorsePowerEA

Forex Automated Robot
Buy=true:  here it means the EA is enable for buy positions false means no buying position allowed
Sell=true:   here it means the EA is enable for sell positions false means no selling position allowed

SelectorPoint  = 1: starts from 1pips
SelectorLimit  = 50:  to 50pips

Speedcheck = 1:  this parameter monitor the open position and restricts the next position from open close to other already open positions,meaning it shouldnt be less than 2pips spaced.

TradeStartHour=00:  time you want the EA to start opening positions

TradeEndHour=23 :   time you want the EA to stop opening positions 

weekstart=monday : start trading from monday

weekend=thursday: end trade on friday

UseSL=true :   use stoploss if its "true" meaning enabled

StopLoss=50 : amount of sl in pips

LossAdjuster=true: this parameter is first security Level on the EA must be true before using the EA.

Adjuster: this is its default value 10 from open order,but its closes the first position previously opened.

UseLossAmount=true : this is the second security of the EA that closes all positions,if the market keep going against you.

LossAmount :  this is the actual value

UsethresholdGlobal = true :   here is the exit system of the EA,it handle special parameters

threshold : here you set the minimum value of "UsethresholdGlobal" if enable and minimum set is 0.5,meaning dont close less than 0.5

maxspread: here is the default spread on the EA which is 2pips spread,you can increase if your broker has higher spread but 2pips are normal

StartLot=0.01 :  here where you set your lotsize base on your deposited capital

Multiplier=1.5: this are value that calculates martingale counts(dont touch;but touch if you like martingale systems and want to decide amount it increases on lotstep

here amount of martingale count on open positions which should not exceed 100 positions,but pls leave it you dont need to adjust any thing.

slippage is amount of time taken before positions was actually open some broker will keep reqouting till the EA forfeits the position once it above 3pips difference from original price ordered,but if you dont mind if your actual request to open a  position is above "3" or not just increase to any high value,so the EA must open position on any price the broker allowed.

ProfitDouble=false:  if this is "true"/enable makes the EA to use martingale count on BuySellSeriesEA system, calling "Multiplier " value now which open position like 1,2,3,8,12,18lots etc it actually martingale lot count on the EA system. but be care and use if you understands or like martingales,which can be dangerous to you account or profitable.we dont use it,we keep it "false"/disabled , cause BuySellSeriesEA dont need it to make profit,its just an option for traders that need it.

magic_no= 1234:  its a  unique number that identifies positions the EA is opening

Password="":  here you put your password to enable the EA work on you account,we advise you save it not to enter it again each time you open the EA..

Thats it, to BuySellSeriesEA parameter you need to know to be able to design or modify your own system approach if you want or change values you want or need

Note! If you need any help or assistance, please contact us!

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