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BuySellSeriesEA Forex Robot is built on pure trading system and not backtest simple!!!. There are algorithm that is inbuilt on BuySellSeriesEA that backtesting can't detect,so the EA cant use all its functions or algorithm on backtesting,because of the nature of the trading system/strategy,also not optimized to work on backtest thats why 99% great backtested EA are all failures,cause its built to work on virtual presentation and not real live presentations,and so it becomes over optimize.
BuySellSeriesEA is complete trading system without any optimization for a virtual presentation,that why it make money

                                                            how do we handle updates
we are sorry because the algorithm on
BuySellSeriesEA cant be detected on backtest,we test the EA by forward testing on real data for long time before,notifying of any update on major control on the system,we dont just depend on backtest to verify our system rather we use it to ensure the EA is working great..,cause over the year as professionals we saw backtests are useless to some real trading design/system and in accurate. In addition there are to many factors that affect backtest on real live trading and some EA vendor supply you with edited chart and images or over optimize an Expert Advisor that it fail on real live trading.


Some Optimize EAs To Sell And Not To Trade.