GraphSeriesEA : is more advanced system like BuySellSeriesEA, but difference is it doesn't keep positions open,it closes all both buy/sell on exit;
thereby giving you best equity curves ever. its doesn't have a scalpering tough like buysellseriesEA, rather it close all position once it has reach a
certain times and points; exit are base on the positions situations on the chart trend short or long very sophisticated robust forex EA with
an outstanding performance .major characteristics of this EA are big monthly profit percentage very very low drawdown.

minimum balance requirement of $100

                    backtest: you are free to backtest GrapSeriesEA but we strongly recommend you forward test it to see its clear performances.

                                            how to install
                installing buysellseriesEA is very  easy and will take less than
3mins of your install  details here

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